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Want to be reconciled with the music. Do it Statster like! and register!

Statster is a web service for tracking your music

The story of Statster dates back to year 2007. Back then I was studying at the university where I learned some PHP and SQL.

I had been tracking my listening habits by hand for several years before and then I realised I can use these new skills to make my life easier. The idea of Statster was born.

I came up with the first version farely quickly. It was crappy but it worked. Luckily I was very passionate to develop the service further.

In 2009 Statster had it's high point when almost 9,000 album listenings were registered into the system.

Nowadays Statster is only used by me for my own purposes and the story continues.

– Teemo Tebest, founder of Statster


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